Our Brands

Our stable of brands provide industry leading solutions across various markets including construction, retail, and consumer markets.

Supercart Australia is an innovator in shopping trolleys and hand baskets. Manufactured in Australia, the Supercart range of hybrid shopping trolleys are stylish and tough. Supercart Australia is serious about sustainability too, using 100% Australian recycled HDPE in their shopping trolleys.

ISG Architectural manufacture & assemble light weight steel frames from residential and commercial applications using the Bluescope Enduroframe machine. Light weight steel frames are precision made and offer numerous advantages to wood such as part accuracy, reduced assembly time, fire & termite resistance.

Pixalux Manufacturing Australia are the Melbourne based manufacturers of the Pixalux® Structural Light Panel – an innovative LED edge-lit acrylic panel that can be used to create illuminated signage or shelving. Featured in many award winning designs, the Structural Light Panel is the next generation of integrated lighting.


Milena cabinets and sinks are a favourite in laundries across Australia. The polymer cabinets and sinks are lightweight and durable, performing especially well in humid environments where moisture corrodes steel or rots manufactured timber.

Paint Behind is a specialised paint applicator. The long spatula design of Paint Behind allows you to paint behind fixed objects like toilets and radiators which is perfect for repainting and renovations.