Sally Williams of Brand Power Joins Supercart

Former Brand Power Australia presenter Sally Williams has joined Supercart Australia as brand ambassador. In life after brand power, Sally Williams has committed to championing sustainable causes using her recognised and trusted persona to reach out to a large audience.

Sally Williams pushes a Mid-sized Hybrid Trolley made from recycled plastic.

Both the Mini and Mid Hybrid Shopping Trolleys made by Supercart Australia use 100% Australian recycled HDPE to manufacture the baskets, back gate, back rest and child seats. Supercart Australia is leading by example when it comes to sustainability by demonstrating what is possible with recycled materials. This is achieved by upcycling single use packaging products such as milk bottles and juice containers into high value, long service life products such as the Supercart Hybrid Trolleys. By using locally sourced material and manufacturing locally, Supercart Australia is also able to cut down on emissions in transport and processing, whilst supporting local jobs.

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