Our Brands

We have several brands operating from our Campbellfield facility across various industries including OEM manufacturing, injection moulding, importing, and distribution.

ISG Architectural is the Australian distributor of performance cladding brand Cladex. Cladex provides a range of engineered composite material panels in various grades, materials and finishes that are fully certified for use in the Australian market.

The Pixalux® Structural Light Panel is an Australian invention that redefines lighting by combining the structural properties of cast acrylic with the even illumination of a light box. Pixalux® creates a wealth of new lighting applications as a light source that can be used a shelf.

Supercart is a dynamic, innovative company focused on the design, development, marketing and sales of a wide array of shopping trolleys and hand baskets. Supercart’s range of Australian Made hybrid shopping trolleys are stylish, tough and durable. They are manufactured from recycled plastic (milk bottles) providing for a strong sustainability message. They are available in a variety of colours in order for them to enhance any branding strategy, creating a point of difference.

Paint Behind makes it easy to get behind. This simple tool is a flat spatula style paint applicator that is used to paint behind fixed appliances or in hard to reach areas. The Paint Behind starter pack comes with the applicator, two paint pads and a paint tray.